n this review we are going to go over everything you need to know about this natural testosterone booster.

What is  Testogen and how its a great supplement for bodybuilding.

Including a bit about the company, Results, Ingredients, dosage instructions and tips on how to get supercharged results when working out and supplementing with this product.

Also at the bottom of this review you can add your own feedback and let us guys know what you personally think about this testosterone booster and also any questions you may have.

TestoGen changed their Formula at the beginning of 2018. We have heard nothing but great things about the new improved formula.

Taking this supplement to the best testosterone booster Supplemental Style have found and reviewed.

Read on and check it out…

We have found this testosterone booster to be the best testosterone booster available online in 2020.

We gave 3 different guys the chance to test a 3 month supply each 2 of which were going to the gym regularly.

All 3 guys had great results from this testosterone booster.

All seeing brilliant results after around the 2 week mark from when starting to use this T-booster.

After that the results just got better and better from then onwards.

The New TestoGen Formula VS The Old Formula How Different Is It?


So at the beginning of 2018 Wolfsonburg LTD changed their formula.

To be honest we thought the old formula was ok but it wasn’t great and there was some negative reviews.

Here at Supplemental Style we think they made the right decision changing the formula and they have excelled them selves by changing it.

We are pretty sure the new improved formula is one of the best testosterone boosters on the market.

So were giving Wolfsonburg LTD the thumbs up great work.

The Company

So the company that produces and sells TestoGen is called Wolfsonburg LTD.

Wolfsonburg LTD is a reputable and trusted company that is based in the USA.

TestoGen is produced in a FDA approved facility and the ingredients are approved and found to be all safe and natural ingredients.


The company claims and results you will expect from using Testogen are as follows…

  • Notice a substantial difference in muscle gains within just two weeks rather than months
  • A huge increase in stamina and a great energy booster
  • Allowing you to cut fat and gain muscle naturally 
  • Massive boost in testosterone levels 
  • Also Increasing Male Libido
  • Allows you to work out for longer with less fatigue 
  • Helps your muscle to repair quicker

If these are the kind of results you are looking for then TestoGen is available for sale at the official Website –

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Testogen Natural Ingredients (New Improved Formula)


As you can see from the picture above this is a picture of the label from the TestoGen bottle you can see the ingredients are clearly marked with the strengths of each ingredient written clearly next to each ingredient.

were going to now go over each ingredient and how its going to benefit you.

The main ingredients used in testogen are…

D Aspartic Acid – This ingredient is quite common in testosterone boosters and is known to spike testosterone levels quickly.

The only downside of this is over time your body can get used to this and you testosterone levels can start to drop back down.

For this reason, every three months we advise a week off to keep this ingredient working to its full potential.

Tribulus Terrestris – Another popular ingredient for boosting testosterone production you will see this ingredient used in many different testosterone boosters and also a wide range of male enhancement supplements.

This Ingredient is used by athletes to boost athletic performance.

This ingredient boosts testosterone by producing a hormone called Luteinising in your body that aids in producing testosterone giving you boosted testosterone levels.

Panax Ginseng (root) – This is also great ingredient it increases blood flow helping your muscles to get more oxegen, boosts testosterone in men and is a great libido enhancer.

Fenugreek Extract – This Ingredient has been proven to help cut body fat and promote testosterone increasing physical performance.

Fenugreek seed extract is also used for guys that suffer from infertility.

Zinc – Zinc is a trace metal that you we all have in our body by raising these levels of zinc your body will naturally produce more testosterone.

So as you can see there is a great collection of carefully chosen ingredients included in this testosterone booster.

You can see why so many people say its a great choice for boosting testosterone and increasing muscle mass.

Does TestoGen Give You Side Effects Is The TestoGen Supplement Safe?

All of these ingredients are natural ingredients here at upplemental style we do our research and check out the ingredients for any risk of side effects and the effectiveness of the included ingredients.

even taking this supplement for long periods of time there are no added health risks and actually these ingredients are good for your health.

Healthy side effect ingredients that work are exactly what we were looking for when choosing a testosterone booster thats effective.

TestoGen Dosage Instructions A Guide To Dosage

When I looked into how to take a Testogen cycle it says to take 3 capsules per day you can take them all at once.

I found these instructions on the back of the testogen bottle.

The official TestoGen website says it actually works better spacing each pill out and taking one at four different times of the day.

Its always a good idea to have a week off of a supplement once every three months.

Or an even better idea is find another testosterone booster that you like with a different selection of ingredients and cycle them every three months.

Doing so your body never gets used to the same lot of ingredients and the effects will always stay nice and strong.

Where Can I Buy TestoGen And What Packages Do The Company Offer?


So TestoGen is only available from the official TestoGen website which looks like this you can also click this image and it will take you there…

If you are going to buy TestoGen make sure you use the links provided on this page or if you do not make sure that it looks exactly like this.

There are a few counter fit copies of testogen and you could easily buy some knock off product that does not work.

When you buy this supplement from the Testogen retailer the price varies when you buy the different packages.

There is a choice of different packages these are as follows…

The one month supply that will set you back – USA $59.99 – UK £39.99

Then TestoGen do offers on the bigger packages so when you buy 2 bottles you get the 3rd for free which will set you back –  USA $119.99 –  UK £79.99

Then they do an even better deal if you buy 3 bottles of testogen you get 2 for free so you will receive 5 bottles for the price of three.

This will cost you USA $179.99  UK £119.99

This Means If you buy the biggest package you will save a staggering $170 which is brilliant.

Shipping Details Order Process

The TestoGen shipping process is completely discreet and your package will arrive in plain packaging.

Shipping is fast and Free worldwide so you don’t have to worry about extra shipping costs.

You have a choice of different payment options.

You can pay by credit or debit card you can also use PayPal which makes ordering TestoGen very simple.

TestoGen Discount Codes And The Money Back Guarantee

There is a brilliant money back guarantee when you buy TestoGen you can try it risk free for 60 days and if your are not happy with the results from the product for any reason you can return the empty bottle and get all of your money back.

This proves how much Wolfsonburg ltd believe in the effectiveness of their product and want customer satisfaction.

If there are any promo codes I will add them here as soon as I find any.

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TestoGen Pros And Cons


This Testosterone Booster is all natural with proven natural ingredients

The other testogen reviews and customer reviews are all positive and a lot of people have great things to say about this T-Booster.

This testosterone booster will help you increase muscle mass, increase your strength an stamina, and it will also speed up the recovery process from when you work out.

Your body will shred fat easily when using this testosterone booster.

This is the perfect natural daily supplement for supercharging your testosterone levels.

Another great thing about this testosterone booster is it will increase libido and help with a better sex life.


The size of these pills are quite large and you have to take 4 a day some people have said they find it difficult to take such a large pill.

Expensive this testosterone booster is quite expensive but after all you do get what you pay for. If you want great results its going to cost you.

Unfortunately this testosterone booster is only available online you can’t buy it in the shops or on amazon.

This isn’t any permanent solution that everyone dreams of.

If you stop taking Testogen the results will wear off.

There is no magic pill that you can take once that will cure low testosterone.

The benefits of Testogen is unfortunately as good as it gets without added side effects.

TestoGen FAQ’s

Supplemental Style have put together a list of frequently asked questions about this supplement helping you to answer your questions.

These are a few the most popular questions that people ask…

How Do You Know If Your Testosterone levels are low?

This is a great question and to be quite honest most guys don’t even realise that there testosterone levels are slowly dropping.

Here is some great things to look out for to help you identify low testosterone levels.

  • Low Energy
  • Harder to Gain muscle
  • Lower sex drive
  • Difficulty having a full nights sleep
  • Hair loss
  • Increased body fat
  • fewer erections less morning erections

These are the main most obvious things to look out for.

Obviously you can still take this supplement if your testosterone levels are ok and people have still reported better gym results when taking this T-booster from a much younger age.

Is TestoGen Bad For Your Health If Taken For long periods?

The answer is no TestoGen has some great ingredients and is actually good for your body and will cause you no harm.

Even when taken for very long periods of time.

How Does The Money Back Guarantee work If Your Not Fully Satisfied With The Results?

This is quite simple although we are confident that you will be pleased with the results of this daily supplement.

You might like to know how the money back guarantee works.

Its quite simple, all you have to do is keep the empty bottles and contact the guys at testogen then post back the empty bottles and you will receive a full refund.

Final Summery


Let’s go over what we have found out about this testosterone booster.

It’s my #1 choice for natural testosterone production, energy boosting and the quickest choice for increasing muscle mass fast.

You will only need a testosterone booster like this if your over 20 years old. You shouldn’t need a boost in testosterone before that age.

You can take it if your younger but you probably won’t get as good results. You will more than likely just feel an energy boost.

With TestoGen you are going to see the results that you would normally see after 6 months in just one month.

If your looking for using this to get ripped with abs your going to want to take it for around six months.

You will also see positive results with libido and a higher sex drive.

If you would like to buy TestoGen click the link below…

Buy TestoGen @ www.TestoGen.com

Or you can check out the rest of my website by starting at the home page Philipball.com