Hi my name is Philip and this is my male enhancement blog this is my volume pills review and personal results.

In this Review I’m going to cover everything you might want to know about this semen pill.

Ive been testing and trying out different male enhancement products for almost 5 years now. I used Volume pills for a total of 3 months and it was a great semen enhancer.

I’ve have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. This semen Pill is one of the top semen pills that I have ever used. This semen pill has been produced to give you a bigger load to cum like a porn star.

What Are Volume Pills?

This semen enhancer is one of the most popular and well known natural semen pills that you will find anywhere.

They are made to boost semen volume and do boost your other sexual functions.

Volume Pills will help with the following sexual gains…

  • Increased powerful Orgasm Intensity 
  • Cum Massive Loads 
  • Better Sexual Satisfaction 
  • Better erections
  • Multiple ejaculations
  • Increased Libido
  • Higher Levels of testosterone
  • Increased chances of fertility.

These Pills are produced by a well known company called leading edge health. They have been selling online for over ten years now.

The volume pills formula has been tweaked a few times now. This Volumepills review is about the new formula. I didn’t try the previous formula this one was great and worked very well.

What Made Me Want To Take A 60 Day Trial Of Volume Pills?


Volume Pills are rated high by multiple websites, this was the first thing that made me interested in buying a 3 month supply of volume pills.

This is a Enhancement Pill that is medically approved and doctor endorsed.

This is a good sign it works well.

Doctors would only recommend a supplement if it has medical proof.

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My Results Does Volume Pills Work?

Volume pills have been developed to increase semen volume for men helping you guys shoot a huge load. Why would you want this? This semen volume enhancement pill is great for giving you long lasting multiple orgasms that are really intense and extreme!

The ladies actually love a guy who can shoot a big load a lot of women will naturally think that you are a very fertile person. From a females point of view this is a ticked box.

I used volume pills for 3 months, I have been told this is not long enough but I still had seriously good results.

You will find this semen pill takes time to work but within two weeks I noticed some good results.

Ingredients List

All of the ingredients included in this pill are all natural ingredients that have been carefully chosen to improve your sexual functions.

Volume Pills is different from a lot of the other male enhancement pills that I have tried because they use a blend of Chinese ingredients. These all natural ingredients work together to make this a great choice of supplement for male enhancement.


Solidin is included in the ingredients to heighten your sensitivity and feeling. This ingredient Solidin allows you to have more control during sex. This will allow you to control when you want to ejaculate.

Vitamin C

A common vitamin great for your body and vitamin C is known for helping improve reproductive health. Vitamin C boosts sperm volume giving you a larger load.

Hong Hua Fen

This is another Chinese herbal ingredient known for boosting semen volume in men. This ingredient comes from the Carthamus Tinctorius also known as the safflower plant. This ingredient also helps improve your sperm quality it really is an excellent natural ingredient.

Ling Zhi

This ingredient is also known as Reishi this is a commonly used natural medicine all over Asia. Reishi is used for many different uses such as boosting your immune system, lowering stress levels and well know for improving libido.

Tian Meng Dong

This ingredient is used for improving erection quality and opening blood vessels to allow blood to flow more freely. It comes from the roots of Chinese asparagus.


If you look around at these types of sperm pill enhancers you will find that nearly all of them contain the ingredient zinc. Zinc is included in this pill to boost testosterone levels and helps your body to produce more semen.

These are the main ingredients included in this pill.

So as you can see by these natural Chinese ingredients they are mainly for increasing semen volume libido but some actually do boost erection quality.

Volume Pills Dosage

How to take volume pills? This pill is slightly different from a lot of the others that I have used. This is because you take a daily dosage of two pills per day every day but if you wan’t to increase the dosage it says you can take up to six a day. When I used volume Pills I stuck to the two pills a day and it worked just fine without taking any more.

The reason for this is for days that you know you are going to have sex you can take a few more tablets to get even better results.

Are There Any Side Effects?

No when using this pill myself I did not get any side effects at all. I have also read a large number of other reviews and have not read anything about negative side effects when using Volume pills.

I have checked all of the ingredients that are included and there isn’t any problem with side effects. As long as you stick to the guided dosage of this pill and do not exceed more than 6 pills in one day you will not have any problems.

Where To Buy Volume Pills?

If you are looking to buy these Volume Pills for yourself there are a few different places that they are available from.

I used the official website to make my purchase which looked like this…

I know that there has been some poor copies of this product in the past so if you do not buy this product from this site make sure you buy it from a reliable trustworthy source.

If you would like to buy Volume Pills you can use any of the links on this page to take you to the same place I brought the genuine Volume Pills from.

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My Final Summary

So From using this pill for a time period of three months i’m very pleased with the results that I had from taking it.

I easily over doubled my original semen volume which made my ejaculations feel really really powerful. This pill also increased my libido a lot and also helped to improve my erections.

Volume Pills are really good and they do work very well if your looking for better orgasms and to shoot a huge load. This is the best pill I have found for increasing your semen volume.

I would and have recommended this semen pill to my readers and a few of my friends.