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today I’m going to be talking about the Penomet Penis Pump included in the Penomet Premium Package. This is my review about this penis pump and all of the different packages available.

What Is The Penomet?

So first of all this is one of the most sophisticated and well thought out penis enlargement devices that you will find today. This pump is an award winning penis enlargement pump that has been proven to work. This pump is known as a hydropump, this means that it is used in water. This type of male enhancement tool is for guys that suffer from erectile dysfunction. Also best known to help guys that are looking for ways to increase penis size and girth. But this penis pump is excellent for much more than this.

What Made Me Want To Try The Penomet Pump?

I had previously heard a lot of great things about the Penis pump and I was eager to find out more.

The Main reasons that made me want to try out this pump risk free was…

  • Permanent penis size gains.
  • The company that developed this penis pump have won awards since launching this enlargement device.
  • This pump is the safest on the market.
  • The Other Reviews on this pump are great.

How Does it Work?

The pump works by putting the enlargement device over your penis. Pumping creates a vacuum sucking the blood into your penis and forcing an erection. You will actually notice when you first use this penis pump that it looks fatter and thicker than before. Thats right these hydropumps actually give physical results after the very first time you use them.

How To Use The Penomet For Erectile dysfunction?

You can use this just before sex to pump up an erection just before you have sex. You can also use a cock ring on your penis after you have an erection to help your erection stay there if you struggle to keep an erection.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction then the more you use this penis pump the better. Daily use of this device will actually train the soft tissue in your penis to let the blood through. This will dramatically improve your erections.

How To Use The Penomet For Premature Ejaculation?

If you buy this to cure premature ejaculation its a pretty simple process.

Just use it before you are about to have sex this will give you a kind of numb sensation which will instantly allow you to have sex for longer. You will only need to use it for 5-10 minutes before you have sex to give you this feeling allowing you to go for much longer straight after use.

How To Use The Pump For Penis Enlargement?

If your buying this for penis enlargement then you will see good results after the first time you use it. If you are serious about getting extra penis girth, and length you are going to need to use it 5 days a week for 15 minutes per day while you bath or shower. Using this pump regularly for penis enlargement is excellent and you will see amazing results if you put in the time.

How To Use This Pump Video Instructions

Here is an instructional video giving you a guide to using this device.
This will help you to use the pump properly and safely. You will also receive an instruction booklet with any order giving you a guide to using your new penis pump.

 Is The Penomet Hydropump Safe?

Some Penis Pumps can be unsafe to use.

This is the main reason that some guys may choose not to use a device like this. This Particular penis pump is completely safe to use as long as you use it as instructed. This is where these hydropumps come into their own.

Hydropumps use water to make an even vacuum pressure inside the cylinder when pumped up. The use of water in these pumps actually make them a lot safer than using a normal vacuum pump. Using water instead of air is actually more effective and will give the user better results.

Another thing that makes this penis pump so safe is the different strength gators. You start off on a weaker gator and work your way up. Using a penis pump this way will get you used to it slowly. Don’t rush to use the next gator until you are completely comfortable in doing so. Trust me the pump still works just fine with the first stage gator.

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Penomet Gains My Progress While Using This hydropump

The gains you should be able to achieve when using this pump are about 0.5 inches in length per 3 months and around 0.4 inches in girth. This is based on my own results using the pump for 20 mins a day five days a week.

You should have at least one to two rest days a week this is important if you use the pump seven days a week you won’t get size gains as fast.

Using this pump for six months gives you 1 inch in length and almost an inch in girth.

The beauty of the gains with this pump is that when you get past the 6 week mark of using this pump the results are Permanent!! This means that the progress that you have made you will keep. I personally think this is the best thing about using these pumps and what makes them better than any pill you can buy.

Penomet Buying Options

These exercise pumps are available in six different colours. You can choose the colour you prefer from the drop down menu before you make your purchase.

I personally ordered the red pump. I know that the clear pump is the best seller. You have the choice of three different packages when you buy the Penomet pump.

Standard Package

The standard package comes with the pump and one gator. There is no reason why you can’t buy the standard then purchase the four extra gators at a later date.

Extra Package

The Penomet extra Package comes with the pump and three different pressure gators.

Premium Package

Finally the Premium Package. This Package comes with the pump, five different pressure gators, and a shower strap. The shower strap is so you can use the pump while you shower. This is the package that I personally ordered and I was very pleased with it.

Where Can You Get A genuine Pump Kit?

Any variation of this pump is only available for sale at the official website, the website looks like this…


This is the only place you can purchase a new unused pump kit for yourself. If you find it somewhere else its more than likely a fake or second hand. If you are worried your pump is a fake then you can check for the CE markings if it doesn’t have one on the pump its not a genuine pump.

The Added Features

There are a few different features that you will want to know about when using this pump.

1.The Pressure Relief Valve

The 360 degree pressure relief valve is on the end of the pump it is a small plastic nub that you push to one side. This allows you to slightly drop the pressure to make the pump pressure just right. This valve also releases the pressure when you have finished using it.

2. The Measurements On The Sides Of The Pump

There are measurements on the side of the pump this is so you can track your progress this feature allows you to see how much gains you are getting while using the pump.

The Penomet Gaiters Why Are There Different Coloured Gaiters?

Ok you may or may not already know why the gaiters are all different colours. The reason is because the gaiters are all different strengths.

When receiving the order in the post, I read through the instructions and I noticed that even in the instructions it was not clear how the gaiters went up in strength and pressure.

So I have done the hard work for you guys and will now explain each gaiter.

It goes in this order Purple, Blue, Black, Grey, Red.

The purple is the gaiter you begin with and you work your way up to the red gator.

Every gaiter is easily removed by pulling it away from the plastic. To fit a different gaiter you just push it onto the pump and it will sit into the groove. These gaiters are well made and easy to detach and attach making it easy to change the strength and power of the pump.

If you just buy the standard package you will only get the black gator with the pump.

The gun oil that you receive with the premium pump kit should be used to clean the gaiters its a silicone based cleaning solution. This keeps the rubber in good condition and keeps the pump and the gaiters hygienically clean.

If you need replacement gaiters you can buy them from the official website.

[2018] Update There Is A Stronger Penomet Gaiter Available!!

That’s right guys there is a new gaiter that has came out and it does not come with any of the normal packages.

To get your hands on one of these you will have to buy it separately. The new gaiter is the strongest one yet and it is only for guys that are experienced using this pump.

Its hulk green and also strong, this turns your pump into a monster. This gaiter delivers 45% more power than the next gator down making this a seriously powerful gaiter.

If you are a beginner using this pump I would not advise using this gaiter until you work your way up from the weaker gaiters to this one.

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Order Process & Shipping Details and Postage

Shipping is available worldwide and costs do vary depending on where you live.

  • United States – 12 USD
  • United Kingdom – 7 GBP
  • Europe – 9 Euros
  • Canada – 14 Canadian dollars
  • everywhere else up to – 30 USD

The order process is completely discreet, your order will be sent to you in plain packaging.

I personally think this is very important when ordering male enhancement products. Although my girlfriend is very aware that Im ordering male enhancement products. I would hope the delivery driver to not know what I have ordered.

The Money Back Guarantee

They are so confident that this penis enlargement device works that they offer anyone that buys one a full 60 day money back guarantee. This is for guys that are not completely satisfied with the results to send the pump back and receive a full refund.

This allows you to test this pump for 60 days risk free.

My Final Summary

I have found this pump to be the easiest to use option from the two penis pumps that I have reviewed.

The company that developed this device have won numerous awards for the comfort and results that you can get from using this penis pump.

This penis pump is the safest pump that has undergone clinical studies that have proven this penis pump to work very well.

My Results were great and I will be recommending this hydropump.

There are many colour options.

There is also a choice of different packages available.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review I hope it was useful to you.

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