Hello my name is Phil and this is my nutritional supplement review about a mens sex supplement called Max Performer. Today I’m going to be talking about why this male enhancement pill is worth the buy.

About Max Performer 

This is the most powerful and effective male enhancement pill that I have ever used. The results from this blue pill are excellent. I placed an order for the large package and took them for 6 months.

I’m now going to tell you all about everything you need to know about this male supplement.

Using this pill daily gives the user of this supplement a bigger, Stronger, & more powerful erection.

This pill has the power to make your erections rock solid and last longer. This sex pill also boosts your libido by lifting your mood and increasing serotonin in your brain also giving you more confidence in the bedroom. It is manufactured and sold by a company called Silver Blade brands. This is currently the only product that silver blade have on the market.

Max performer is perfect for men that want a natural male enhancement pill that offers excellent results. It is made with all natural ingredients and is the best sex pill without side effects that you will find on the market today.

For the optimum results from this male supplement you are going to want to take it for around 4 months +.

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Why Was I interested In Using Max performer & Why Did I Write A  Review For You Guys?


I have tried and tested so many different brands of sex pills. The main reasons that enticed me to try out max performer were…

  • I searched on the web through many reviews and found that they were all surprisingly positive.
  • This Male enhancement pill is getting extremely popular worldwide.
  • I have spoken to guys that have used this pill and they didn’t have a bad word to say about it.
  • The company were not making any false claims about their pill.
  • These pills have been selling so fast that stock has ran out a few times.
  • When Purchasing any of the larger packages of Max Performer you get a 100 day money back guarantee included with your order.

This was what made me want to try Max Performer. I am so pleased with the results from taking this supplement for six months it’s like no other I have tried.

What Are These Pills For?


This pill has been developed to help guys naturally improve ED but it does offer positive gains for all sorts of sexual needs. You can take Max Performer if you don’t suffer with erectile dysfunction and It will still improve your erections.

I found when using this supplement that it helps to kick your sex drive into gear and really will help guys that suffer from a low libido.

For a daily supplement it works very quickly. You will start to benefit from the results of this male enhancement pill in a couple days from when you start to take it.

So this sex pill basically a natural libido, erection and energy booster that is available OTC.

As you can see this blue sex pill has a lot to offer but it is all about the time you use this pill. The longer you take it the better the results.

The Benefits Are…

You will gain things from this pill such as better bedroom endurance and stamina, this is excellent for guys that work out. This will give you More control during sex allowing you to not arrive too soon.

This is a sex pill that will make you forget you ever had trouble having sex allowing you to relax kick back and enjoy! This pill also increases your nitric oxide levels and promotes heart health.

I mean what is there not to like about that!

Are There Any Side Effects?

When buying daily supplements like this you do have to be careful. There is a lot of brands of products available online that are no good. In my opinion there is no point in running the risk of side effects when there are perfectly effective pills available that will not give you any.

I used this pill for six months and in that time I encountered no side effects. All of the ingredients are natural and the main ingredients are plant based.

What I will add is some these nutrients increase blood flow, if you are due to go for any kind of surgery its best to stop taking this daily supplement around a week before hand.

Ingredients List


I’m going to now take you through the main included ingredients in this pill and give you an explanation of how each nutrient works and why Max Performer has included it…

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed although it has a funny name it is actually very effective nutrient for male enhancement and has even been proven to work alone. This nutrient also will make you horny hence the name “horny goat weed”.


This is a vegetable that is grown in the ground the root is taken by mouth and can improve male fertility . Maca is also known for boosting libido, want, and sexual desire.


This is a fungi that is known for increasing blood flow. Cordyceps increases thickness and size of the penis. Because of the extra blood flow this has a very positive result for guys that struggle to maintain a solid erection.

Korean Red Ginseng 

This ingredient is a penis performance enhancer giving you more stamina and control. Ginseng has also been known to have a positive effect on male erection strength.

But the other included ingredients are very important in this male enhancement pill.

These all contribute to help this pill work as well as it does.


This is an extract from black pepper it is an antioxidant. Bioperine is the perfect ingredient for speeding up absorption of the other nutrients. This helps your body to speed up the results of the other nutrients.


Selenium is a mineral. very small amounts are found in foods that grow in the soil. This ingredient is great for boosting semen volume. Selenium also gives better fertility and bigger ejaculations.


Zinc plays an important role for our body to function As it should.

A little extra zinc from a supplement is a great testosterone booster. Great for working out and also increases semen production.


Niacin supports healthy erectile function. This promotes good cholesterol in your body and helps your blood to flow easily. Giving you stronger more frequent erections.

The best thing about this ingredients list is that they are natural ingredients. None of the ingredients in this pill will give you any side effects.

Formula Overview

You can check any nutrients on the dietary supplement database.

I sometimes research ingredients on as well.

I always check out what is in any pill that I take and I advise that you should always do the same.

The Dosage Instructions

The manufacturers say to take 2 tablets per day with plenty of water. You can take them both together.

The guys at silver blade insist that you should not exceed the stated dosage. They also say it is a good idea to take a week rest from the supplement after every 3 months of using it. This is so your body doesn’t get immune to the ingredients. Although I have heard of guys taking it for a lot longer and the effects were still strong.

Testimonials & Other Reviews On This Supplement


There are so many positive reviews on this mens performance enhancer actually more than I have ever seen. There are many review websites that actually say this is the best pill they have used for sexual enhancement.

This tells you guys it must be worth trying at the very least and you are more than likely going to be 100% satisfied with the results.

If you want to find more testimonials there are some on the Max Performer Website which you can find here – Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Positives and negatives


There is not much bad about this pill.

You must remember that this is a daily supplement so takes time to work.

Max Performer is only available online you will not find it on amazon, ebay, or in any stores.

Don’t worry if you are one of these guys you will benefit from the money back guarantee.


There are many Pros with this male enhancement pill but the best ones are…

  • Improved sex life,
  • Bigger, Stronger, More Powerful Erections that last,
  • The best choice of male enhancement pill for guys That suffer with ED,
  • Boosts Energy Levels,
  • Boosts testosterone levels,
  • More Intense Orgasms,
  • Allows the User to have sex for longer,
  • Libido enhancer.

Where Can You Buy Max Performer?

This Supplement is only available online from the official Website.

If you have found it somewhere else it is a fake or copied product or its second hand.

The Official website looks like this…

You can click any of the links on this page and it will take you to that exact page. The official website is the only place you can purchase this daily supplement for yourself.

Price And Shipping Details And Coupon Code

Shipping is completely discreet and you will receive your order in plain packaging. This is so no one will know what you have ordered. Worldwide shipping is free of charge. If you are impatient you can pay a bit extra for express shipping to get your supplement to you even quicker.

Your billing details are also completely discreet.

Each box contains a 30 day supply.

Silver Blade do offer a price reduction for the bigger orders which means that you save money when you buy more. They also offer a complete 100 day money back guarantee.

This is so you know you are buying Max Performer pills with no risk of wasting your money.

The Prices for max performer Pills are as follows –

1 box Max Performer – $69

3 boxes Max Performer – $138

6 boxes Max Performer – $207

So as you can see you save a massive amount if you buy a 6 month supply.

If you are serious about results you will want to take these pills every day for at least three months.

If you look around at the other reviews you will find that the biggest discount is 10% off.

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Max Performer FAQ’s

There are a lot of guys searching for answers to their questions about male enhancement pills.

I have added in this FAQ’s to answer some of them for you.

Are The Results Permanent?

This is the biggest question when guys are searching for male enhancement pills. This question isn’t just related to this male enhancement pill. This is a question that is constantly asked about every male enhancement pill.

The answer is no there isn’t any pill that you can take and have permanent gains from. The gains are great from these pills but they are not magic.

Does Max Performer Make Your Dick Bigger?

Yes it does increase the size of your penis but only while you are taking these pills. After you stop taking this supplement your penis will return to the original size.

The increase in size is down to extra blood flow to your penis.

Whats The Deal With The Money Back Guarantee Is It Real?

Yes I can tell you that the money back guarantee is 100% real. If your not happy with the results of this pill you have 100 days to return your order.

All you have to do is go to the official website, scroll to the footer on the website and click customer support.

Email the support email, you may have to wait for a reply but be patient you will get a reply and you will be able to return your order.

Normally you send back the empty Max Performer Pill boxes and blister packs then you will get all of your money back.

Is There Any Bad Reviews?

I looked on a lot of different websites and I could not Find any bad reviews.

This was one of the main reasons I wanted to try out this Max Performer Pill.

My Final Summary

So lets have a recap on exactly what these sex pills are good for…

Max Performer are the best solution for increasing libido, and improving erections. This supplement also increases semen volume. The user will have better orgasms and also boosted energy levels.

This OTC sex pill will improve your relationship beyond belief. It is a product that is worthy of a 5 star review.

pushing it to the top rated #1 product that I have ever taken.

This male enhancement pill improved my sex life and I really enjoyed using it.

I will be using Max Performer again this is and all round great little blue pill.

This sex pill not only pleased me but also my girlfriend, who was very happy with the results!

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