Hi Guys my name is Philip this is my male enhancement review blog and you have landed on my Male Extra ReviewMale Extra is one of the best, most effective herbal remedies for mens sexual health problems.

If you wan’t great thicker, larger erections that last and boosted athletic performance this pill is for you!

This sex pill for men is only available to buy online. Wolfsonburg LTD have been selling this male enhancement pill online from 2009.

The Company claims that you will see these results…

  1. This pill increases erections giving you stronger bigger, harder, and longer erections.
  2. This male enhancement pill also increases semen volume, and boosts athletic performance.
  3. This is the best choice for giving you more energy, and stronger more powerful erections.
  4. This supplement is also a testosterone booster which is great for increasing muscle mass.
  5. Higher testosterone is great if you work out in the gym.
  6. Higher levels of testosterone increases your sperm count and libido.

If this sounds like the kind of sexual gains that you are looking for this is a winning supplement.

I must let you know that this is a daily supplement its not an instant solution. This erection booster does take a few days to start to work but the results are brilliant.

Why Was I Interested In Taking A 60 Day Trial Of This Pill?


What first interested me to take  was when I was online searching for different male enhancement pills?

The things that drew me in to trying out this supplement was as follows…

The company are a large company and they are actually well known for producing great supplements.

When looking around I found loads of information about this nutritional male enhancement supplement online.

I read review after review about this male enhancement product.

Male Extras choice of the all natural ingredients was appealing.

The company Wolfsonburg LTD are not making any false claims about their product.

There are so many websites that say this male enhancement pill is the best they have tried.

I double checked website.

I didn’t find anything bad about this Male Extra supplement, or the company which was another plus.

It’s important to check this website if you have any doubts about any male enhancement pill. Other guys that I knew had used Male Extra claimed to have great results. This was great and made me excited to try out the product even more, I wanted to see how good it really was.

These erection pills are only available online from the official Website, click the link below to purchase…

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My Results Does Male Extra Work?

These enhancement pills have been developed to boost your athletic performance and improve your erections. This non prescription ED pill has been designed for guys that suffer with ED. This kind of supplement is for guys that want to save the embarrassment of seeking help from a doctor.

It is also for guys that don’t want the side effects that you get from taking synthetic erection pills. Even if you don’t suffer with ED it will still dramatically improve your erections and stamina.

Results In Days

When using this male enhancement pill you will see the following results…

Higher energy levels within the first week I noticed an energy boost in around 2 days of taking this supplement.

Boosted testosterone levels within the third week my semen volume started to increase on the third week of starting this supplement.

You will notice your erections will be rock solid. My erections started improving the first week but then just kept getting better the longer I used Male Extra.

Your erections will last longer.  

Your sexual stamina will increase. My Stamina sexual stamina was better by the end of week 2 of using this pill.

You will notice a rise in sex drive and libido within a month.

The extra blood flow will give you a bigger penis when flaccid and erect. I noticed a size difference after 2 months and it got better the longer I used this supplement.

You will have stronger orgasms. My orgasms got stronger in around three weeks.  

This pill is an excellent male enhancement pill that doesn’t disappoint.

If you take these capsules for 3-6 months you will really enjoy the positive results that just keep getting better. You only need to take three a day I normally took mine all together in the morning. I have heard of guys taken them one at a time with each meal of the day.

Taking Male Extra spread out through out the day is supposed to be even better but I didn’t want to forget to take them.

This Male Enhancement Pill Was A Positive For My Relationship And My Fiancee Agreed


The way this supplement can change your relationship is excellent. Me and my fiancee have been together a very long time and our sex life had really taken a turn for the worst. Actually it had got so bad I often wondered why we were still together.

To be honest I knew something wasn’t right. Personally I wanted to have sex but I found often that I could only get a semi erection and it never lasted long.

We still managed to have sex but it obviously wasn’t as great as I thought. I thought she had lost her feelings for me or was seeing another man? She wasn’t interested in me anymore this wasn’t far from the truth because I wasn’t giving her what she needed.

Actually she wasn’t the problem at all it was me! I understood this when I started using this pill and our sex life completely changed for the better. Not just our sex life but our whole relationship was stronger than it had ever been it was a complete transformation.

This was Excellent choice of male enhancement not just for me but for my fiancee and our relationship. The company say’s that the re order rate is very high for male extra and 90% of customers re order after their first batch I can see why.

ordered three bottles of this pill and got two for free. When you buy the bigger packages you have 60 days to decide if you wanted to return it and get a full refund. Obviously I didn’t return it I was very happy with my own results and me and my fiancee loved it.

This Male Enhancement Pill Is Specifically Produced For Guys With ED!

This pill has been specially formulated and has been made for guys that suffer with erection problems in mind. The included ingredients boost blood flow and dilates your arteries. This allows your blood to fill your cavity in your penis giving you a bigger and stronger erection.

This supplement also has positive effects on your heart there is ingredients included to be great for healthy heart function. Stronger heart = more blood for a stronger erection.

Although this pill is made for guys with erectile dysfunction if you don’t have erectile dysfunction it will still improve your erections and improve your sex life.

The bottom line is that this pill is really for any guy that wants to have a better sex life.

Male extra Supplement Ingredients List

It is made up of completely natural side effect free ingredients. This is something that I look for when choosing a male enhancement pill. The main ingredients that are the foundation of what makes this pill so effective are…

Pomegranate extract

This fruit is know as a natural erection food that is an antioxidant. Pomegranate increases fertility and improves erection quality in a completely natural way. Pomegranate increases blood flow and boosts erection quality in men. When extracted and concentrated it is even more powerful.


MSM is used in a lot of different fitness supplements to increase athletic performance and stamina. This ingredient has undergone many different clinical studies. Msm is a very good choice for increasing energy levels when taken daily.

MSM also relaxes your soft tissue allowing blood to flow through the penile tissue. This ingredient is to help you guys to gain and sustain a good strong erection.


Cordyceps is in so, so many male enhancement pills. It is the perfect ingredient for promoting blood flow. When taken daily increases the size and thickness of the penis. This is caused by this increased blood flow.


L-arginine is an amino acid that you normally get from eating protein foods. This ingredient also improves athletic performance and dilates arteries. This will help your blood flow better. This increases stamina and perfect for improving erection quality. L-Arginine is also a known natural pde5 inhibitor.


Zinc is a powerful mineral that boosts testosterone levels in men. Helping to increase semen volume and the size of your balls. Zinc is great for guys that work out to help to increase muscle mass and stamina.

Nutrients Overview

These are the main ingredients that are found in male extra. You can now see why this energy and erection booster is so effective. I hope this gives you an insight on how each ingredient will work with your body when taken daily.

Male extra is formulated from a great cocktail of natural ingredients that are known to work.

If you wanted to find out about any ingredient in male enhancement pills. I normally use other websites for my male enhancement pill ingredients research. There are many other websites that are great for checking supplement ingredients.

here are a few…


On their website you will find the truth about any ingredient from a male enhancement pill. Make sure if you are reading about these ingredients to find a reliable source.

Male Extra is Used By Men Worldwide

Men all over the world use Male Extra and from the information I have found and feedback it seems to be an excellent supplement that some men swear by.

Many guys and have claimed this pill is proven to give you positive effects giving you a stronger, bigger and harder erections.

Male Extra Didn’t Give Me Any Side Effects?

No you will not get any side effects when using this sex pill.

This pills is made from natural ingredients that work without side effects. This supplement is good for your health which is great for a male enhancement pill that works so well.

I will add that if you up the dosage to more than the recommended dose you may increase the possibility of side effects. Some of the included ingredients may cause some people side effects at very high dosages.

Dosage Instructions How Many Did I Take A Day For How Long? 

The dosage instructions for this supplement are clearly written on the back of the bottle. It says to take 3 capsules daily with your breakfast or another main meal.

Also written on the back of the bottle it says to not exceed the recommended intake. This is because the ingredients are very strong and potent. Its very important that when taking a daily supplement like this you must not forget to take it.

Don’t skip days when taking these pills because the effects will not be as good.

There isn’t any limit on how long you use this supplement its a natural pill that isn’t bad for your health. Ive heard some guys take this supplement for years. You should have a week off after every three months so your body doesn’t get immune to these.

Where Can You Buy it?

If you want to buy Male Extra it is only available for sale online. You can buy it from the official website.

This is where I purchased the genuine product for myself when I ordered my 5 bottles for the price of 3. It took 2 days from when I ordered to arrive at my house.

   You can click this image and it will take you directly to the site.

If you find this pill for sale somewhere else it is more than likely a fake or counter-fit copy of this supplement.

I can’t stress enough that you must be careful when buying male enhancement products.

Use the links on my website or use a reliable source. Look out for websites with no peoples names or contact details check the about page make sure its a real person.

If you use any of the links provided on this website they are all from trustworthy sites that I have personally used and trust in.

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Advantages And Disadvantages


This is one of the best male enhancement pills that you will find with natural ingredients.Male Extra does everything that the manufacturer claims which is pretty rare.

This supplement has undergone clinical trials and have been proven to work and very safe to consume. The extra energy when taking this pill is great, It actually will improve your whole life not just your sex life. After taking 3 capsules per day, every day for 3 months or more your results will be incredible.


This pill is a daily supplement if you don’t take it every day it wont give you good results. If you feel that you can’t commit to taking a supplement daily I wouldn’t waste your money.

This pill is fairly expensive because it is a premium pill.

Discount Codes

I searched for Male Extra discount codes and could not find any at this time if I do find any I will update my review immediately.

Shipping Details and Cost

Shipping is free worldwide with this supplement. Your order will be sent to you in plain packaging and is very discreet. The billing is also discreet this is so no one will know what you have ordered. This is something that I think is very important when ordering male enhancement products.

The cost of the pills vary depending on how much you buy.

The more you buy the better discount you get there is a choice of 3 different packages which are…

  • 1 month supply – $64.95
  • 3 month supply – $197.95
  • 6 month supply – $249.90

So if you buy the six month supply you will save $139.80 which is huge.

What Are This OTC Sex Pills Frequently Asked Questions?

There are many questions that i commonly get asked about this sex pill so I thought I could save you some trouble and answer the most common FAQ’s.

Are the results Permanent After Taking This Erection Booster?

Unfortunately the results from these male extra pills are not permanent. There is no permanent magic pill If there was there would be no reason to take these pills.

If a company is telling you that their male enhancement pill gives you permanent results they are lying to take your hard earned money. DO NOT fall into this trap. 

How Long Can I Safely Take This Supplement?

You can take this male enhancement pill for as long as you like there are no side effects. They are good for your health and will help you maintain a healthy heart.

Are The Capsules safe for vegetarians?

No the capsules are not made with vegetarians in mind. How ever vegetarians can take the ingredients inside the capsules.

So all you have to do is open the casual and pour the ingredients into you mouth and wash it down with water. Some guys pour the contents into a small glass of water stir it in and drink it.

How Quickly Will You Receive Your Order?

When I ordered my three month supply I received my order in 2 day’s I live in the UK. If you live in the US I have been told that it takes around the same amount of time to arrive. If you live in Australia or Canada i’m told it takes five to ten days to arrive and the rest of Europe around five days.

My Male Extra Pills Final Summary

These Pills are in my opinion is the best supplement for erection and energy sexual gains. I would and have recommended this nutritional supplement to friends.

I have found that if you are looking for boosted energy, athletic performance, and better erections then this supplement will be the best choice for you.

We are now coming to the end of my review and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read it. Thanks guys and goodbye.

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